about Avaye Taravat Asia

Avay Taravat Asia Company ، Manufacturer of products :
  • Herbal shampoo powder Golshang.
  • cosmetic .
  • Sanitary .
  • Beauty .
With a written guarantee!

In the name of God

Greetings to the clean spirit of  Master of the Great Honest Honorable Sheikh Al-Rais Abu Ali Sina Clean nature , Master of Traditional Medicine And ancient medicine of Iran.  And hello to learners of the way and techniques of this holy medicine Who tried to keep this way .

Success is an evolution of love for great goals and its appeal to the health of the soul.In the vastness of the Universe’s emotions, that’s right.

Deceit to the people, the sharp fall to the hatred of hatred is the smallest point of forgetting the death of the poet in the dark corners of the dark … This is a mystery !!!!!

taravatATA Company With highly experienced specialists And science and expertise in the field of skin and hair ، Using the rich culture of traditional Islamic medicine in Iran And today technology It has been able to make the best herbal product to relieve hair loss And stimulate re-growth
This great claim with the company’s letter of guarantee becomes reality This feature ensures any abuse.
The company Always in many years has been able to recognize the causes of hair loss  And with various experiments Understand the underlying cause of overcoming hereditary hair loss And epidemic of this defect.


Contract with customers :

Taravat ATA Company With Behzad Sa’edi’s CEO Commitment to Consumer Rights Concerning the quality of claims and product safety Prevent unproductive and quality products And in case of consumer dissatisfaction According to the rules listed for sale, the full refund is returned to the buyer .